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1 track $60
2 tracks $110
3 tracks $150
4 tracks $185
5 tracks $220
6 tracks $250
7 tracks $280
8 tracks $310
9 tracks $340
10 tracks $370
11 tracks $395
12 tracks $420
13 tracks $445
14 tracks $465
15 tracks $485
  • for projects over 15 tracks long please contact us.
  • for alternate mixes, instrumental, half playback add 50% to the flat rate (changing a mix after it was processed will be considered an “alternate mix” and will be charged accordingly).
  • for tracks over 6 minutes long add another $5 for each extra minute.

  • for albums we provide a downloadable DDP image ready for CD manufacturing or zipped wav files at CD resolution (16bit/44.1KHz).
  • for singles and digital releases we provide downloadable wav files at CD resolution or the appropriate lossy compression files.
  • upon special request we provide Red Book CD master (physical disc).

(physical media subject to ** shipping charges. contact us to get an estimate of the shipping rates).




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